Winning the war against death

Death comes for a young man 1856

You might be pleased to know that we are winning the dying game.

According to Peter Martin: “We are less likely to die-at any given age- than ever before”. This sounds dramatic but we are merely delaying the inevitable demise and we must still die. Martin’s article reveals our societal denial of death  with the ‘good news’ being that a young girl born this year will live into the next century.

It is not surprising that the article speaks about winning the dying game for we are accustomed to fighting disease and resisting death.  In contrast to the many stories about birth and babies there are few stories written about our inevitable demise for it is confronting and there are no cute photos shots to include. But seriously why do we celebrate our ability to live until we are 100 years or more? Is it really so wonderful that the young girl born today may live on into the 22nd century? Will the world be a pleasant place for her to live out her long life or will she be living in a depleted and dangerous world?

This article celebrates and upholds our western consumerist existence. We always want more. Why must we live longer and longer lives? Why isn’t sixty years enough?


One response to “Winning the war against death

  1. —> It’s quality, not quantity.

    Whether it’s 20, 50 or even 100 years “old”.

    Of course each person’s definition of “quality” is entirely different.

    —> My life. My choice.

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