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Dr Death dies a natural death

The man who advocated the right to die when disease became intolerable dies a natural death. Continue reading


Medically defined death

Modern death is medically controlled-you can’t escape! Continue reading

South Australia leads on euthanasia reform

Labor MP Steph Key

The news that South Australia is to house our first  euthanasia clinic  is welcome. Continue reading

Winning the war against death

Death comes for a young man 1856

You might be pleased to know that we are winning the dying game. Continue reading

In praise of natural burial

Castle Chase Burial Ground, USK, South Wales

A natural burial is a sustainable one, accounting for 7% of burials in the U.K. Continue reading

Death denial in intensive care units

Compass- ABC

Elderly patients, unlikely to survive are increasingly the occupants of Intensive care beds.

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Death on our screens

Movie - Love Story

Ryan O'Neil and Ali McGraw

Death on the screen is not about dying.

Whatever the relationship between society and the individual, the media is significant as a marker of popular cultures and social mores surrounding death and dying. Continue reading