In praise of natural burial

Castle Chase Burial Ground, USK, South Wales

A natural burial is a sustainable one, accounting for 7% of burials in the U.K. Continue reading


Death denial in intensive care units

Compass- ABC

Elderly patients, unlikely to survive are increasingly the occupants of Intensive care beds.

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A biased picture of death

4 Corners- ABC

Known as a “larrikin”, John has terminal cancer of the bowel and is suffering from pain that he “wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy” . “It throbs and throbs, shoots down your leg- it’s just too much”. John is one of four dying Australians who took part in a Four Corners documentary called A Good Death. Continue reading

Euthanasia ads censored

Fictitious Gruen ad

He sits up, rips out his oxygen tubing, tears the monitor leads from his chest and pulls out his IV drip. The old man has dispensed with his ‘life support’ and between weak, shallow breaths, gasps: “Every year the elderly cost this country millions on health care and welfare. We have to make tough decisions”. Continue reading

Conroy’s filter backflip a reprieve for Exit International


Philip Nitschke

The controversial internet filter has been put on hold subject to a review of the type of websites that it would block. Continue reading

Death on our screens

Movie - Love Story

Ryan O'Neil and Ali McGraw

Death on the screen is not about dying.

Whatever the relationship between society and the individual, the media is significant as a marker of popular cultures and social mores surrounding death and dying. Continue reading

Greens push for right to choose

MP Hartland

Colleen Hartland

With eighty-five percent of Australians now in favour of physician assisted death – what are we waiting for? Continue reading