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Medically defined death

Modern death is medically controlled-you can’t escape! Continue reading


Death denial in intensive care units

Compass- ABC

Elderly patients, unlikely to survive are increasingly the occupants of Intensive care beds.

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A biased picture of death

4 Corners- ABC

Known as a “larrikin”, John has terminal cancer of the bowel and is suffering from pain that he “wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy” . “It throbs and throbs, shoots down your leg- it’s just too much”. John is one of four dying Australians who took part in a Four Corners documentary called A Good Death. Continue reading

Death Conversation

Guests on 774

Leisle Singer,Beth Wilson and Charlie Corke

“My dog wouldn’t have suffered as my husband did”, says Leisle Singer who is  one of Jon Faines’ guests on the ABC’s  conversation hour. Continue reading