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Medically defined death

Modern death is medically controlled-you can’t escape! Continue reading


How much is one human life worth?

Glynis Knacker has mesothelioma. She has just weeks left to live having exhausted the  mutilating surgery, the gruelling chemotherapy and  the restorative blood transfusions. Continue reading

Euthanasia ads censored

Fictitious Gruen ad

He sits up, rips out his oxygen tubing, tears the monitor leads from his chest and pulls out his IV drip. The old man has dispensed with his ‘life support’ and between weak, shallow breaths, gasps: “Every year the elderly cost this country millions on health care and welfare. We have to make tough decisions”. Continue reading

Death on our screens

Movie - Love Story

Ryan O'Neil and Ali McGraw

Death on the screen is not about dying.

Whatever the relationship between society and the individual, the media is significant as a marker of popular cultures and social mores surrounding death and dying. Continue reading